Friday, May 3, 2013

Do angels really exist?

This post is going to have a heapin' helpin' of personal experience wrapped up into it. In fact, this is one of those subjects I should make a "personal proofs" video for because I have so much personal evidence based on life experiences. First I'd like to make a list of the three biggest experiences I've had which lead me to believe in angels. Then I'll analyze the situation and the possible explanations for what happened in these events that was 'unexplainable'. Keep in mind all possible angles and causes of the experiences when reading these stories such as: reactions caused by coincidence, instincts, circumstance or 'angels'. Here are the stories in no particular order.

(A) My son was around 5 years old and we were driving down a road that was a five lane interstate, and very curvy. We were going around one of the many curves when my son did something that distracted me. I looked away from the road and he was crying about something. I was trying to figure out what it was, when suddenly I felt something push my hand that was on the steering wheel to the right. I looked over to see what it was and realized that I was into the oncoming lane, and my hand had been pushed over to get me straightened out with the lane I was supposed to be in. It felt just like someone pushed my arm to the right, and if it hadn't had straightened me out, there was a car coming from the other direction that I very well could have, or should have hit.

(B) I drove to a risky neighborhood to pick up my friend who was also the manager of the place I worked at. I wasn't exactly sure which house he said he was at, so I parked back a little ways from the house I thought he was in. While I sat there, something kept telling me to move. Pretty quickly I found myself just starting the car. Still not knowing why I was feeling this, I suddenly had the overwhelming need to drive forward. I began to pull forward, then I pulled forward a little more. Right then I saw my friend walking out into the street so I gassed the car and met him about 2 more houses down where he was. He jumped in the car and said, "Man, what was that guy doing?! Was that guy trying to gank (rob) you? He looked like he had a gun!". Evidently someone was trying to get into my car, and I somehow pulled forward just in time to get away from him.

(C) My son and I were driving on one of the tallest parts of the highway bridge system in Oklahoma City. We were driving a very light car, a Jeep-style vehicle made by Suzuki called a Samurai. I began to run out of gas and was driving kind of slow, and coming off a ramp from one highway to another. Suddenly I was stuck from behind, it was very loud and forceful. The impact pushed my lightweight car upward and I could see out of my drivers side window that we were going over the ledge. I could see the some 5 story drop that we were facing very clearly, but then my car somehow landed back on the road. I opened my door and got out of the car and these people were running over to me saying that they thought I had went over the edge of the highway and they thought I would be dead. The driver of the other vehicle, a large truck, was very drunk, and was arrested and taken in. I still don't know how my car landed on the road, and didn't go over the edge and kill both my son and I.

Now to analyze the possibilities of what it could have been that saved my life in these instances, and with an open mind. Just sheer intuition could possibly account for experience B. I was in a bad neighborhood and was already nervous. The only problem with that explanation is that I was being almost forced to do these things like starting the car and driving forward, at just the time that it was imperative that I did so. It was like an itch that hits you instantly and without thinking you reach over and start to scratch. Similarly, in experience A, though I was totally unaware of any immediate danger, I did not make the turning motion on the steering wheel, something else did. Because I felt something else push on my hand, I cannot call this 'instinct'. Now on experience C, I believe it is possible that I just luckily didn't go over the edge of the bridge. Maybe it just appeared as such, to myself and the onlookers, but then somehow the car had enough weight to bring itself down. Even though the Suzuki Samurai is the lightest car I've ever driven, and I could practically lift it by myself, this explanation is still very possible to be true.

Sometimes solid proof is only solid to yourself, and cannot be proven to anyone else, unless they have had that same experience. I think when people depend on science to prove everything for them, they are wrong. Personal experience is more proof than anything. Some people believe in things, like God or angels, because of their own experiences, and to me that holds more weight than scientific theories. When adding all of the other 'smaller' instances where I felt some sort of intervention had saved me from certain pain or distress, I have to qualify 'angels' as the most complete and logical explanation. Biblical scripture will also reveal many ideas and perspectives about angels. But I believe, pertaining to those beings whose love and attention are able to save a physical beings from physical danger, these 'angels' are above religious terms or qualifications for their acts of mercy, and can usually only be proven to oneself by those who's gracious acts it has affected directly.

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